Thursday, January 12, 2012

The  cold front arrived.  It was 23° when I got up this morning  around 5 AM.  There was just a light skiff of snow on the ground but some ice under on smooth surfaces where the snow melted when it hit the warm  ground and then refroze as temps dropped.  The wind hasn't hit yet but it is coming.

I am sure glad I am milking inside a nice tight barn, cold but no wind!

Remember when I talked about buying the virgin coconut oil for cooking..........well I have made biscuits with it three times, each time reducing the amount of fat.  I still wasn't happy with the texture.  This morning I made them using lard........guess who the winner is???  Lard! 

I am too easily swayed by some things I read on the internet and in books regarding real foods.  Common sense should prevail in all matters...........for instance, does it  make sense to  have to order something from another country in order to eat real foods.....I think not!  I must remind myself the next time I get revved up about something.

I suspect I now have a very expensive  soap ingredient!  You would think I am old enough to know better.....

The last time I was  at my MIL's she reminded me of the quilts she still  had.  These were pretty old and need some repair but I couldn't resist their charm.  All are hand pieced and quilted.  One is a friendship quilt but I can't read the names...not too many names on it.  No great wonder!  You would have to have known DH's step grandmother to appreciate that remark!

Here they are:

From Quilts

I love the scalloped edge on this one,

From Quilts

From Quilts

If anyone knows what these patterns are, please tell me. 

I don't know what I will do with these now so I am storing them.  I can see them laid out on an iron bedstead (I have one in my tiny guest bedroom) and that may be their permanent home.  I don't think they would hold up well in regular washings.


  1. Oh my goodness Glenda, what a nice selection of vintage quilts you have there. I'm green with envy. haha

    The last quilt is a bow tie pattern. I don't know what the others are. I sure someone will come along and know what pattern they are.

    Have a great day!

  2. I am not sure of the top quilt, possibly Pinwheel? Stars, and the adorable Bowtie.
    I have a couple of very old quilts from my great grandmothers. They are pretty tore up because they were utility bed quilts, but I love them more than their rough shape. I use them outside on my patio furniture in the summer.
    Oh, Glenda, go ahead and use your coconut oil in the soap. I have done the same, used something and then went back to the old. I use lard too.
    Oh, and the answer to your pan question, is yes I wash in hot water when my pans are cooled down, but I don't use soap unless I plan on cleaning the surface and then re-seasoning the pan.
    Have a wonderful week, its very cold here now. 8* above with a windchill of -11* burrrrrrr.
    A few days ago, we had 69*!

  3. The cold is coming this way, but right now it's still in the low 40s, dark, dreary and still rainy (almost a half-inch since yesterday).

    I love all your vintage quilts - like looking at an indoor flowerbed what with all the shapes and colors. Imagine the untold hours they represent. Quite a treasure you have.

  4. I think bowtie,pinwheel and stars as well,they are so pretty! The weather here is cold too,and snowed just a little! Hope you have a good day.

    Blessings Jane

  5. Glenda, I did the whole coconut oil thing too...only to realize it had very little uses around here. I think it would be good for soaps though, so you should be able to get through it. I through mine away after it made my pancakes all weird. I've always been told animal fats are better for biscuits and anything that should have a nice flake. Stick with the lard.

    I love the quilts....I see stars and bowties, but am new to quilting so the rest escapes me.

    Boy the temperatures sure did drop...we've got snow outside and wicked winds now. I'm watching it out the window but there's no way I'm going out in it! I miss 70 degrees already.

  6. Wonderful quilts! I love Kris' sentiment, they really do look like an indoor winter flower garden.

    Well, I made your pumpkin bread last night. No oil in the house except for EVOO and I certainly wasn't going to use a cup of that for pumpkin bread! So I got out the little jar of organic coconut oil and started to measure it out. Realized that I would be putting about $5 worth into two loaves of bread!! So I went half coconut oil and half melted butter in place of the oil and the bread came out wonderfully. I won't be able to bring myself to make soap out of the expensive organic stuff, so it'll be used in dibs and dabs as I cook, I guess.

  7. Good morning Glenda ~ We were supposed to have some cooler temps, brought on by rain that we did NOT get yesterday either. Today the high is supposed to be 77. UGH.

    Your quilts are lovely. They should be displayed if at all possible or at least changed out to be seen once in awhile.

    I've got a crockpot of Italian vegetable soup going. Hot Italian sausage, some leftover pizza sauce from the other night, diced carrots, potatoes, onion, and a can of corn, I'll add some frozen green beans when I get home from work.

    I can't remember using lard for anything. I used to use crisco. Now I use butter, and olive oil, both light and extra virgin. I think I've seen lard, pretty big containers of it at the grocery.

    Enjoy your day whatever you do.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. Oh, what treasures those quilts are. I plan to join back this month (I was a charter member but dropped out) to our local quilt guild. Love the show and tell segments.

    DH took me to get a perm this morning at 8 a.m.-very cold, windy but my hair was a mess!! Had some snow and ice as well.

  9. You have some beautiful quilts, Glenda. The last one looks very similar to one my Grandmother made and that I have. She called it a bowtie quilt.

  10. Those quilts are just lovely! I love the old look. I recently "inherited" an old quilt similar to these from my 89 year old neighbor...his mother made it. I think years ago the beds must have been much smaller than ours are now, so I don't have a good place to display it, but I love it none the less!

  11. I love your quilts! I don't know the names of patterns, but it looks like others here have made good suggestions. I have some old ones that aren't in the best shape. They are upstairs in a room I need to get the clutter out of.

    My husband had a step grandma who wasn't very nice to his dad, her stepson when he was growing up, or when he was grown up, for that matter. His mom had died when he was a baby, and he lived with an aunt and uncle who would have liked to have raised him, but his dad wanted him back after he remarried. This Thursday, we are driving a couple hours away to the funeral of her son, Larry's dad's half brother, who had alzheimer's. I like going to this small town. It will be nice to see Larry's cousins again.