Monday, January 23, 2012

It warmed up finally yesterday afternoon quite late and the sun came out.  It was 43° when I got up this morning....4:30 AM.  I finally got a good 7 hour sleep.  I knew  I was tired after the Sunday dinner.  I did stay up to watch Masterpiece Theater though.

The dinner went well.  The hit was the white cake with coconut icing.  It is our personal favorite and I knew my MIL loved coconut.  When I was fixing her a plate dinner to take home I forgot cake!  She was very quick to ask me where her dessert was.  I sent her two pieces.

We actually ate this cake all but two small pieces in one day.....I won't be making dessert for a long  time.

We were sitting in the living room yesterday visiting after dinner and I could see out the large window toward the west pond.  I kept seeing these large black objects on the first I thought it was baby calves so I asked DH to look.  Its turkeys he said.  I grabbed the camera but the pictures were taken at full zoom and aren't great, but at least you can see the great numbers of them.  They were spread from the pond up the hill to the shed and then on to the north gate and field beyond.  I am guessing well over a 100.

When I took my last walk, I saw lots of droppings in the fields so I knew they were around.  Funny how when hunting season hit, nary a bird is seen!

This is milking morning and then maybe who knows.  A fencing expert is supposed to show up for the neighbor (our joint venture) but we will be very surprised to see him!


  1. There was a PBS show on 4-6 weeks ago titled "My Life as a Turkey" and it was fascinating to watch this naturalist raise a brood of turkey chicks to maturity and how they became a family in the wild. If you ever see it listed, I highly recommend it. The show shows just how truly intelligent those birds are.
    Glad you got some decent shuteye at last.

  2. The cake looks like a masterpiece! I bet it was scrumptious. Love the cake stand, too. I'm not up anymore on the hunting seasons, is there one for turkeys and do you ever snag one for the freezer?

  3. What a treat to see so many turkeys (and torture as I'd want to grab the shotgun). We only see maybe a dozen at a time around here, but we've got mostly woods....not very conducive to turkey-watching.

    That coconut cake looks DE-licious! I've never made one but LOVE them......maybe when my oven is working again.

  4. Lovely cake. I made one the other day for my MIL's funeral, it felt right to make it for her and it was delicious too.

    The turkey's are an awe inspiring sight, thanks for grabbing the camera and posting pictures.

  5. Speaking of Masterpieces... that CAKE! It wouldn't have lasted long at our house. That was quite a site seeing so many turkeys gathered, they usually are in family groups or that's what I thought. There's so many unusual occurrences with Mother Nature these days, I'm not surprised at anything! Hope the big rains actually happen, we need it. Glad you got some shut eye sweetie!

  6. I forwarded this post to my friend upstairs who I rent from with this note:
    100s of turkeys NW of Springfield

    He wrote back:

    The funny part was that his letters were like 2 ft. tall and in red. I thought you'd get a kick out of that.