Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The cold front arrived sometime during the wee hours of the morning.  It was 30° and very windy when I got up. Yesterday it was 70°.  I hate these fluctuations....and so do the plants outside.

Yesterday down --- to ----earth blog had an interesting subject, Organization.  I do organize my days, often not formally with calendars and lists but in my mind each day I think about what I want to get done that day.  I think it is a very good way to get things accomplished.  I often do make actual lists......and check off when I get each thing accomplished.  My Iowa sis makes a lot of fun of me and my bookkeeping tendencies!  I admit it freely; it is just who I am.  (I also research books I read, the authors and if it is a historical based one....I research that and read up on it......she thinks I am nuts doing that too!)

OK, back to organization.....for today.  I always think ahead about what I will fix for dinner so when I am outside I can get what I need from the freezer or the milk house (canned goods, extra milk).  I don't like to make unnecessary trips outside in this weather.

I knew this was milking morning.  When I came back to the house I brought a jar of warm milk to start yogurt; a cold half gallon for the house, and a  jar of apples.  I wanted to make a tart for dinner.

Here are the projects for the day: Jar of apples, frozen pie dough; milk is in the pan to heat, Dannon yogurt for a starter measured and waiting.  While making the yogurt the pie dough will be thawing.

I use the heating pad, 7 hour method and that is currently culturing and should be finished late this evening.

I made the tart for dinner. 

Dinner was a jar of home canned turkey vegetable soup and a slice of the tart. I am loving having these canned, ready-to-heat foods and unfortunately this was my last jar.

Ilene asked me about the cheese peppers so I thought I would show what I did with them.  They are very small, probably smaller than they should be because or our dreadful growing season.  I normally slice and dice peppers for the freezer but these were very small so I just washed and dried them and dropped them in a large freezer bag.  I love using them.  1 or 2 is the perfect size for most dishes.  I just run them under the cold water for a bit and then slice them down from top to bottom and then slice or dice.
I also did a bag of hot peppers this same way.  I will probably still process the larger bell peppers (if I grow some) the normal way so they won't take up so much space in the freezer.

This afternoon I whipped up (rather roughly) two new hot pads.  Mine were getting pretty sorry.

They aren't fancy, but they will work and I won't have to buy two and a kitchen towel (W-M) to get a POTHOLDER!


  1. Your tart looks like what Pioneer woman made on the cooking channel Saturday. Looks yummy, if only I had enough apples in the refrigerator.
    Patti (PS we found the coconut oil, and the beef lard is being rendered as I type)

    1. Patti, let me know how the soap turns out. My beef tallow is getting whiter as it cures.

  2. That front is whipping through here this very minute - still nearly 50 degrees but the winds are gusting up to 60 and trees thrashing like a nightmare. Lots of dead branches coming down.

    I'm like you in multi-tasking; a loose list keeps me on track (also I think so many things at once that sometimes I forget something key if it's not written down). That tart looks delish and I'm sure you used your new potholders to take it out of the oven.

    Lists help me do more with less backtracking. I'll bet the time you saved today was well spent with your new Kindle, right? :-D

    1. How did you guess? Yes, I finished another 'borrowed' book, The Trial!
      I do have two books on order from the library....but that Kindle is hard to resist!

  3. Hi Glenda,
    I am giggling inside about you planning and organizing your time. You work so many circles around me! I hope when I retire, I will be able to get at least half as much done as you each day.

    Your bag of peppers reminds me I had to give up the space in the freezer where I had an assortment of peppers that I hadn't gotten cut up. They are in the basement refrigerator, and I will need to toss them when I get to it. At least I still have some chopped ones I've been using from the upstairs refrigerator.

    We got an inch of snow in the night. I wonder how long it will last.

    1. Replying is the only way I can comment. Don't know what's up with blogger, but I can't comment on many blogs lately.

      I just wish I got half as much done as you do, Glenda! You are a busy bee. The apple tart looks delicious!

    2. I do enjoy retirement! I would get a lot more done if I didn't read so much, but I do love reading.

      Still no precip here but still have very strong winds.

  4. Sisters are the best aren't they. I'm lucky to have three, all younger and they all live far away from me. We talk often but not as much as I would like.

    The pot holders look great and I like the fabric you chose. It is cold here too this morning. 23 but no wind......yet.

    Have a great day!

  5. Your tart looks delicious!

    One thing that I definitely want to try and can next year are pre-made soups. I love the idea of just being able to pop open a can and have some homemade dinner that's ready to eat!