Sunday, January 29, 2012

5:00 AM, 33° and slightly breezy. 

I enjoyed two small bagels with cream cheese with my coffee this morning.  I finished an e-book and then got ready for the day.....

I have spent two days cleaning off my plant stand and washing the trays so I will be ready for seed planting. I got the lights all  up and running.  The stand holds 12 plant flats and has 3 sets of 4-foot lights each holding 4 bulbs.  Some are regular fluorescent and some are plant lights.
I  covered the tailgate of the truck with more stuff to take to the milk parlor.  It seems I used the plant stand as extra shelving  during the down months....

I found some poppy pods and seeds that  I broadcast in the front ditch...I hope some germinate and fill the weedy ditch with blooms. 

A few days ago I organized my seeds and find I only need to buy sweet corn and cauliflower seeds.  I also found a local source for seeds that I want to check out.

I am cooking pork chops, and fried potato rounds for dinner.  I will probably have creamed peas as a side and applesauce. 

Dessert was the (frozen) lemon sponge cake with lemon curd topping.


  1. Hooray! I can comment again! The plant stand looks great. Mine is just home-made from scrap lumber and garage sale shop lights. It gets the job done but not as well as I'd like.

    You made me really hungry with those muffins and bagels in previous posts. Oh, and I'll take one of those coconut cakes, pleeeeeeese.... Heh.

  2. I agree,your plant stand looks so efficient ,I am going to have to get on the ball with seeds. Your dinner sounds so yummy. Blessings Jane

  3. Your plant stand looks great and pretty soon it will be filled with growing seedlings.

    Your dinner sounds wonderful.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Nice setup you've got there, Glenda. A very tidy affair. I went through my seeds too and don't need to really purchase anything this year. (Although when I went shopping this weekend I found a pack of Tuscan kale to try and also bought Brussels sprout seeds - I'm going to try them again.) That's a lot of poppy seeds. Do you ever use them on your bagels?