Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday September 9, 2010 - Rain - Oven Hinges - Chocolate Pie

We have been getting a very nice, gentle rain since about 1 AM this morning. I am sure it is all soaking in the ground. It is the kind of rain we are want to get.

Sears was out once again for my lemon JennAir range, another set of oven door hinges...enough said.

I have a chicken in the pot boiling. I may try Chicken Gumbo for tomorrow. I am thinking chili for today.

I made a chocolate pie yesterday after my husband casually remarked that it was his favorite pie and I never made it. That's all it took; any excuse to bake.
I tried a new crust recipe from the Cooking Forum called Nathan's Never Fail. It uses a little baking powder and makes a lot of crust. I think I froze three bags.
I was impressed with it, rolled out easily even without chilling the dough. The chocolate pie was from my old trusted Betty Crocker cookbook. I thought it was a little chocolaty. I used squares instead of my usual powdered cocoa.
From 2010_09_08

There is only one piece left...his folks came out for eggs and I sent two large pieces home with them.
From 2010_09_08


  1. Wow, that pie looks yummy. We've just been talking about me using that key lime pie recipe, to make a lemon pie, so to answer the question you asked in my blog, yes, to lemon. I don't use fresh limes, I buy bottled key lime juice.

    We have lamb here pretty regularly in the grocery, but I usually only buy it at Easter. I did have a hankering for it and bought these chops, and DH suggested having them for our anniversary dinner which we did. Yummy.

    I'd be interested in the recipe for that pie crust you made for the chocolate pie.

    You always make such yummy goodies.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Yum-O, Glenda! There's always something good to eat at your house! Good thing I'm not your neighbor, you'd have to widen the door after awhile, or feed me on the porch like some wandering hobo. Hugs, Ilene

  3. Wow, I'll be right over....
    I am just drooling now. I may have to try it. I'll wait till it gets a tad cooler to run the gas oven, it gets kinda hot in the kitchen when that fires up.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Beautiful pie and yummy looking. I would also be interested in the crust-never heard of baking powder in pie crust. Live and learn, right?