Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well at last; Garden clean up- Adding to Ilene's Insantity comments

Well at last, Thank God, I am well at last! (taking a little editorial liberty here).

My wrist was so bad Thursday that I called the doctor early Friday morning and they told me if I could get there in one hour they would work me in. Let me tell you that is a mad dash for us out here in the country but we made it.

He left me on steroids for now but gave me a shot of cortisone in the top of my very swollen and sore left wrist...........almost as bad as labor pains! It throbbed for two hours. I took one of few remaining pain pill as soon as we got home.

This morning it was almost normal. For the first time in two months, I was outside by 7:30 AM, string trimming, pulling weeds and trimming a pear tree. It felt wonderful. I did wear a wrist brace.

What this taught me that I should have been old enough to know anyway was this:

When we are in pain or disabled, we become quickly depressed. I kept thinking we would end up selling the farm, moving to town. It was just all too much. I walked by weed grown flower beds and all I could think was get the tractor out and just mow everything down. It was just too much for me.

Well I began this morning by tearing into the Milk Parlor bed where the pear tree was half dead from fireblight and the morning glories had it weighted down almost to the ground. First thing was get that vine off and then prune out the dead stuff. I found 5 or 6 Kieffer pears (hope I can made a small batch of pear honey) still hanging on. Then I did decide to mow the entire flower bed in front of the fence to the ground. I figure it is close enough to the end of the growing season than everything will be OK and if it isn't, that's OK too.
I mowed iris, dayliles, cosmos and peonies to the ground. I feel very good about it now. Of course, there will be a pickup of debris to haul off.
From September 2010
Can you tell how the poor pear tree is leaning backward and to the left? The m.g. vines were 1/2 inch thick!
From September 2010

I also did the corner garage bed down the side to the Garden Gate, mostly with the string trimmer. But a few very thick lamb's quarter that DH took out for me.
I also cut back the butterfly bush a bit.
Then I started on that 40 foot long driveway border that I will probably eliminate next year. I just got about 8 feet done of that.

Common sense and my husband convinced me two hours was enough for the first day.


On our local news last night: Christian County will be releasing all criminals with minor offenses, nothing violent, and those who can't make bail because the jails are too full and it is costing them too much money to house them. He actually had an account of the costs versus just turning them loose. Now they will all wear ankle things to keep track of them. I kept thinking if they really wanted to save money, just don't arrest them in the first place for minor stuff.....or just get rid of most of the police force and just answer calls for serious crimes.

It is just insane!

Ilene, you and I need to get well fast............and quit listening to news and commercials and most TV.


  1. I know what you mean, Glenda. When we aren't at our best so much seems overwhelming. I have the problem too when I hurt or some household/garden disaster sets me back. I'm glad your wrist let you do some stuff (some? heck, LOTS) today. Getting things done is the best tonic! Take care.

  2. Glenda ~ It is oh so true that when we hurt or don't feel good, we get depressed and don't feel like doing a dang thing. I'm so glad that you felt so much better after getting some relief. You sure went to town on your catching up, but you don't want to over do things and I'm glad your DH said, Whoa, 2 hours is enough for this day. There is always tomorrow. You always inspire me with all that you do, and I'm a few years younger. I've already been thinking about how to make life easier on myself, so that I can enjoy each day instead of feeling like I have this huge burden that needs being taken care of.

    Love and hugs to you dear Lady of the Ozarks.


  3. Glad you are doing better. Please take it easy and don't over do it. Like Flowerlady says, there is tomorrow, and I assure you, it will be there.
    Quit watching the TV, I am definitly going to start doing this, I am tired of it, anyway.
    Please take each day as it comes, being disabled to an extent, I over do it almost daily, trying to complete things that are just the everyday household matters, and then get behind, just work a little each day at a few different tasks, and do what you can, no more, no less. Helen and Scott Nearing called it bread labor,and working 4 hours at each task and they completed quite a bit on their homestead, so take what they did a little at a time.

  4. How about that, I was thinking about the Nearings very recently. Don't remember bread labour specifically but placing time restrictions and stopping 'while you are ahead' are good for making sure there is fuel in the tank for tomorrow.

    Glad to find the story of your improvement here, Glenda, and your pragmatism as to what's OK.


  5. Glenda, you and I are quite a pair! Heh! Glad you're up and at it. Don't overdo!

    I'm still waiting to heal, but have graduated out of the walker and to a four-footed cane.